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Harnessing the Hidden Social Networks Underpinning all Projects

21 May 2018
11:35AM - 12:20PM

Harnessing the Hidden Social Networks Underpinning all Projects

The more effective your project team is, the more likely it is that they will deliver an exemplary result. Project teams are held together by a shared understanding of what the team is doing, how they should achieve this, and how they should collaborate. Teams become effective when there is common, usually implicit, understanding of who to go to, how to get things done, and ways of navigating the political landscape surrounding the project. To see how a project is working, it helps to understand the social networks that hold the team together. This is largely invisible, and only a fraction of this comes from the formal hierarchy in a project.

Social Network Analysis (SNA) gives you an understanding of the patterns of interactions that underlie all project team dynamics. It can be used to inform communication strategies, approaches to stakeholder engagement, timing of interventions, and supply chain decisions. SNA tools can also identify key players in change agent networks, and inform recruitment strategies.

This presentation will take attendees through the latest and most relevant SNA research, focusing on issues and techniques that have direct application to how projects are managed. Attendees will learn the network perspective of looking at the project system as a whole, and how SNA can be practically applied to make a real difference in improving project management and business outcomes. This will lead to a greater understanding of how project managers can use these techniques to manage stakeholder networks more effectively, and how to design and invoke subtle changes in social structure that are conducive to effective communication, collaboration and harnessing agents for change.

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