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Want to be more influential? Move beyond the technical

30 May 2017
11:30 - 12:15
Leadership (Ballroom 1)

Want to be more influential? Move beyond the technical

To be successful, project professionals need to move beyond a technical approach to their role to a behavioural focus. They need to be equipped with the skills to motivate behavioural change, manage stakeholders and negotiate important business decisions. In short, they need to be able to influence.This is critical as leaders today are expected to successfully lead in complex and ambiguous environments, get traction fast, and get changes to stick – easily and quickly. In this presentation, Michelle will: We all negotiate every day – in both our personal and professional life. Mastering the art and science of negotiation is a critical skill because when a negotiation goes badly the impacts can be enormous. In this session, Michelle Gibbings will share insights into how to master this critical technique.

The session will cover how to:

  • Identify the impact your mindset is having on the negotiation process and your resolve to see it through
  • Know the key steps to take before, during and after a negotiation to help ensure success
  • Make conscious and deliberate choices fully aware of the trade-offs, risks and opportunities involved
  • Maintain your ‘no’ in the face of opposition and be gracious when giving ground
  • Take the long term view with stakeholders and colleagues during difficult negotiations.

In her book: ‘Step Up’, Michelle also talks about influence and how people can accelerate their progress in a complex changing world. Being able to influence is critical.The world is changing, and faster than it ever has before. A 2016 report by the CSIRO and Australian Computer Society, Tomorrow’s Digitally Enabled workforce, predicts that nearly half of the jobs in Australia are at risk of computerisation and automation. But these advances in technology are creating a working environment which is more, not less complex.

Project professionals see and experience these changes first hand. They are expected to deliver more results in a faster timeframe and with less resources. The end result is a working environment which is more complex and bureaucratic. There’s endless meetings, countless stakeholders to consult and shifting goal posts – often with little progress. Why? Because it’s hard to get things done. The antidote to this dilemma – attaining the competitive advantage of influence. Influential leaders are able to cut through the noise, get traction, lead change and make change happen. They successfully collaborate and positively impact those around them. In contrast, those who can’t influence find themselves exiled from the decision makers in the organisation. All of which makes it harder for them to get things done. And leaders who can’t deliver results, don’t progress. Project professionals can’t rely on traditional hierarchies to get things done. The organisational dynamics are different. It’s important to understand who influences whom, how decisions are made and what avenues exist to make progress and influence outcomes.

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