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Project Leadership & The Art of War – Winning Before the Game Begins

29 May 2017
13:15 - 14:00
Leadership (Ballroom 1)

Project Leadership & The Art of War – Winning Before the Game Begins

This talk is an abbreviation from a highly interactive seminar that addresses specific aspects of leadership and best practices from which you could learn to catapult your career to the next S-curve of excellence. Attendees will gain practical insights and wisdom to immediately & enthusiastically practice – greatly inspired by these classic strategies that have been around thousands of years. Will the strategies work in this day and age? Find out why we and thousands of other practitioners firmly believe so.

More planning shall give greater possibility of victory while less planning, lesser possibility of victory. So how about those without planning? By this measure, I can clearly foresee victory or defeat… Sun Tzu, 5th century BCE, Zhou Dynasty

A. Leadership Topic Introduction

Leading Making-Great-Things-Happen (MGTH) proponents always profess that one has the ultimate choice to change one’s life. The question is how? What if it is project related? Does it have a different approach if it is personal life related? This engaging 30-min Talk exclusively focuses on outcome-based practices using well-known and proven strategies applied 2,500 years ago. Attendees will acquire practical outcome-influencing know-hows to level-up immediately. Whether or not you are thrust into a leadership role with no prior experience in the subject matter, or you find yourself having to address performance issues and risks of a project but with no positional power – you will know the most effective way of making things happen and get things done. In this knowledge-sharing and participatory session, you will get fired up and eager to discover how the great mahagurus of all times establish priorities, set goals and execute what matters most to overcome challenges in order to succeed. Know how to conquer fear, discover your strengths and eliminate distractions in making bold decisions.

B. Leadership Topic Takeaways

“Watch your thoughts; they become words… Watch your character; it becomes your destiny. And your destiny is your Life”. Thoughts change Life. What happens inwardly will have external implications… Lao Tzu, 6th–5th century BCE, Zhou Dynasty

As change is the only constant factor, apparently thinking change and transform outcomes! Good thoughts, good heart, good outcome. The Art of War is all about strategic thinking exemplifying a winner’s mindset. Winning without a fight, delivering the business outcome of a project before starting a project where success is just a natural consequence. Influencing power to change-adapt, strategic thinking to deliver results and growth, and great outcome-changing leadership.

Key takeaways where an outcome-focused Project Managers can immediately apply and practise are how to:

  • think with winners’ mindsets
  • build sustained and great leadership
  • plan to succeed as a winning team and organization.
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