Australia's Premier Project Management Conference / 20-22 May 2018 / Crown / Melbourne

PMIAC 2018 Theme

Our experience at work gets enhanced when we are valued and acknowledged for who we are and what we bring to the table.Workplaces that are diverse and inclusive tend to be very dynamic. Where the qualities that make people unique are highly valued. This is because when you feel completely comfortable in your own skin at work, you can fully realise your potential. It allows people to bring their whole self to work and it is the key to success. It drives innovation, engages people, builds productivity and ultimately results in a great performance.

We’re on a journey to building a mindset of diversity and a culture where inclusion is integral to the scheme of things. The spirit of diversity and inclusion is more than an idea, or a goal. It’s a huge part of who we are. The PMI National Conference is presenting an agile space for collaboration. Our guest speakers will address diversity and how the multifaceted aspects of diversity play a key role in the success of projects, and your career. The diversity of knowledge and backgrounds bring forward various skills to enhance performance. In the conference, you get an opportunity to be a part of conversations that positively shape your perspective on diversity.

3 parameters define the success of any project: Meeting objectives, delivering on time, and within budget. High performing projects deliver on each of these parameters. Projects where performance isn’t up to the mark tend to struggle with some, or all 3 parameters.

Performance is the lifeline of any project. As individuals or teams, how we perform influences our results and the value we create for others. As project managers, our leadership is critical to the success of our projects. And getting the best of our team is a key part of our leadership.

There are many factors that influence how we perform better, and having an awareness of those factors goes a long way in ensuring that we manage and lead projects that deliver. As project managers, this is especially relevant for us, as we are accountable for our team’s performance.

Our inner well beings are being pushed to the limits within our careers with rapid rates of change. The health of our teams are of utmost benefit to organisational productivity. With anxiety and stress on the rise; collectively we must address how to manage intense pressure. With overwork becoming more common; a shared sense of purpose is imperative to remaining motivated.

Acknowledging the increased focus on wellbeing, this is one of the themes of PMI Australia Conference 2018. At the conference, our speakers will provide a range of tools, resources and support to increase awareness of maintaining your wellbeing.  Also, we look at how you can build personal resilience, which enables you to take care of not just yourself, but also help others do the same.

As leaders we must recognise the importance of wellbeing and support our teams to feel 100%, in order to give 100%. Our seminars aims to provide an interactive learning experience so you manage your wellbeing better.



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